Blog #1- 1/19/16

Blog #1- 1/19/16

Category : Team Updates

Being our first blog, we have a lot to discuss. Our team, The Eagles Crew, is on our second year of FRC Robotics with two returning members and multiple of our alumni have been making appearances to get us started back up. Even though we only have two returning members, we have grown quite a lot. Compared to last year, we now have enough people to split off into separate groups specializing in different areas of the bot. We have a software team, chassis team, drive train team, and a team dedicated to lifting spirits! Obviously we are still quite small so some people are split between two or three teams each, but all that means is we’re learning more! Besides that, all the teams have been working together quite closely so far. Together we’ve come up with a general design of our bot and a general idea of all the bits we are going to make. Besides that, we have built the chassis and hooked up the old electronics that we ripped out of the old bot into the new. That’s that for the first two weeks, and here’s to at least 4 more!


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